A Soldier’s Promise

This is a poem i wrote a few years ago. I’m not very good at poetry but it’s something I do now and then.

A Soldier’s Promise.

The sighs she breathes are so forlorn,
each setting day and each rising morn.
As the pale moon passes across yonder brow,
she remembers the words of his parting vow.

Although I travel to a distant shore,
I will return is what he swore.
I’ll fight for my country and will not die,
and you will find that time does fly.

So in that land I will not remain,
I’ll soon be back in your arms again.
Well time did pass and the days flew by,
five months went in the blink of an eye.

Letters he wrote would make her smile,
and he would be home in a very short while.
He never spoke of the horrors he saw,
only of the longing to hold her once more.

The commanding officer came to him to say,
one more mission and you’ll be on your way.
Thoughts of his woman just filled his brain,
he even imagined himself boarding the plane.

He went into battle for the very last time,
he knew it would be the last hill to climb.
Gunfire rang out and bullets passed overhead,
and in a very short time many were dead.

The fight went on for a great many hours,
crawling through grass and blood red flowers.
He never saw the man with the knife,
just one swift movement would take his life.

The promise that he made he could not keep,
and he slipped away into that eternal sleep.
And now she cries when she visits his grave,
remembering the promise of a soldier so brave.

A Soldiers Promise

A Soldiers Promise

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