Stand for selling eggs

Can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted anything on the site. So not much to shout about, but I thought I would share a photo of a stand I made today for selling our eggs.

We now have about fourty chickens and they are laying really well at the moment, except for the older ones who are just going about thier business and enjoying life. Sadly we lost three chickens last week, one had no signs of having any problems, and we found her dead on a nest. The other two I had to despatch, which I find really hard to do these days and it seems to get harder every time. Unfortunately the two girls were very poorly due to old age.

The stand was made from wood that I already had laying around, the frame is 1 1/2  X 3/4 roof batten, sides are feather board. And I made a couple of trays to put the eggs in from pieces of fence panel.

Egg stand for selling our eggs

Egg stand for selling our eggs

A Soldier’s Promise

This is a poem i wrote a few years ago. I’m not very good at poetry but it’s something I do now and then.

A Soldier’s Promise.

The sighs she breathes are so forlorn,
each setting day and each rising morn.
As the pale moon passes across yonder brow,
she remembers the words of his parting vow. Continue reading