M.O.T Welding

Having M.O.T standard welding done on your car can be an expensive job. But shopping around could make a big difference to your final bill. The reason i’m making this post is due to the following true story.

I recently got talking to a couple who needed to get some welding done on thier Land Rover, it had failed miserably on around a dozen areas in the rear of the vehicle, and on two areas either side of the engine on the inner wings.

The garage that had performed the M.O.T told them that due to the extent of the welding needed, they should consider maybe scrapping the car. For them this was not an option, as many of us do, they had become attached to their old car and didn’t mind spending a little money on getting it fixed. The fact it was converted to run on vegetable oil also played a part in them wanting to keep it on the road i think.

Anyway… They asked the M.O.T garage to give them a quote, and after a long winded sales pitch the garage owner quoted them £750 for the welding, and a free retest.

After picking themselves up off the floor, they told the garage owner they would go away and think about it. This was when they came to me and asked if i had anyone that i would recommend to get a quote from, i spent many years working as a welder and they knew i would be able to put them in touch with someone who is trustworthy.

I put them in touch with a good friend of mine who owns a shot blasting and powder coating business here in Suffolk. I’ve known him for many years and did not hestate to send them in his direction.

They got him to do all the welding for the M.O.T, and were really suprised to find the total bill was just under £400, costing them almost half what the original quote from the garage was.

So i guess the moral of this story is… Don’t scrap that much loved car on the basis of one quote from a garage, shop around, ask friends to recommend tradesmen and if necessary get half a dozen quotes. You might be shocked at how different the quotes may be.

And if you live in Suffolk and would like to get some welding done on your car, shot blasting or powder coating, use the contact form on this site and i’ll email you the details for getting in touch with my friend, just put “welding” in the subject box.

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